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Industrial explosives

1) Packaged explosives

Auxin’s packaged explosives can be produced on a large scale according to customers’ needs, with long-term shelf life

Auxin provides a full range of packaged explosives with reliable performance and sufficient supply. Product is designed to adapt requirements of different blasting environments and is widely used in various open-pit and underground mines.

Products include:

Maxfrac(R) emulsion explosives

Maxcoal(R) emulsion explosives for coal mines

Maxgel(R) gel explosives

Presplit explosives

Water gel explosives

2) Bulk explosives

Auxin built production lines for bulk emulsion explosives in many countries and regions in Asia, America, Africa and Oceania

Products include:

emulsion explosives

ANFO explosives

Heavy ANFO explosives

Features of bulk emulsion explosive:

Bulk explosives provide rock breaking solution with lowest cost and energy consumption in mine operations;

The formula may effectively reduce the smoke after explosion and improve the production efficiency of mines.

Bulk explosives can be provided in a series of different ratios to maximize effectiveness according to different geological conditions.

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