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Raw materials & special initiating explosive devices

The production technology of Auxin’s raw materials & special initiating explosive devices has reached the advanced level of international similar products

Products include:

Maxppan(R) Porous prilled ammonium nitrate

Maxtan(R) Industrial ammonium nitrate


Air bag Ignition tool

Gas generating agent for air bag


Product features:

Auxin has massive production capacity on high-quality Ammonium Nitrate, and is able to ensure stable supply. 

Being small in specific volume, good in ignition performance, low in initiation energy, short in action time and low in cost, the air bag ignition tool may be produced in batches, and is widely used in automobiles and various types of electric ignition air bag systems.

The gas generating agent for air bag features by its outstanding performance due to high gas production speed, low combustion temperature, considerable gas production and relatively clean combustion gas.

TDI is used as important materials for manufacturing polyurethane foam, high-quality painting, adhesive, synthetic rubber and fibre, etc.
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