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Auxin provides suggestions on all parameters, from the initial design to the optimal results in drilling and blasting operation.
The choice of blasting hole
Selection of blasting parameters
The choice of explosive unit consumption
The design of a blasting mode using 3D software and the provision of corresponding electronic files
Mode identification
Quality control
Initiation design
Verification of blasting design by data measurement after explosion 

Supply of drilling and blasting service with top equipment and advanced skills
Auxin has abundant operation experience in drilling and blasting service, and has one engineering service team with advanced technology, strong abilities in problem solving and rich experience in overseas operations.
Auxin has provided drilling and blasting service for several international renowned mining companies in Africa, South America and Australia, and has been highly recommended by the owners.
Through the upstream and downstream extension on the industrial chain, Auxin is committed to developing the international drilling and blasting service market and providing on-site drilling and blasting services to mining and engineering customers.

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