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AUXIN deems talent as the primary resource in its development. Following the idea of “building a strong enterprise through talent team”, Auxin assembles the best minds across the land and draw fully on their expertise to accelerate the construction of high-quality professional talent team.

AUXIN’s development values diligence; actively creates a good atmosphere and career platform for fairness and impartial business operation; gives full play to employees' enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, and constantly improve employees' ability and quality, as to achieve mutual development of individual and the enterprise.

AUXIN’s development adheres to proactive, opening and effective talent policies. It focuses on cultivating, training and selecting talents from the market frontlines and poor areas and continues to improve the talent training, career development and incentive system, striving to foster a positive environment in which everyone wants, strives, and is able to excel themselves, and can do full justice to their talents.

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