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Nitro Sibir Australia Pty Ltd.

Nitro Sibiir Australia (NSA) is located in Perth, Western Australia. It mainly provides bulk emulsion, ANFO explosives, presplit explosives, various detonators, boosters, detonating cords and on-site mixing products for various mines, and provides storage, transport and technical support services for mines.


NSA has complete licenses for the production, sale, storage, transport, import and export of explosive products.


Emulsion matrix: 42,000 tons/year
Finished Emulsion explosive: 2,000 tons/year

Storage capacity:
Emulsion silo: 340 tons
Site ammonium nitrate magazine: 1,000 tons
Detonators: 1 million pcs
Efficient explosive magazine: 50 tons
Ammonium nitrate magazine at the south port: 5,000 tons

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