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Auxin Mining Service Guinee S.A. [Guinea]

Auxin Mining Service Guinee S.A. is Auxin’s subsidiary in Guinea. The business scope includes the import and export, transport, produce, store, sale, use of explosive products, as well as providing blasting services and other mining services.


AUXIN MINING SERVICE GUINEE S.A. has obtained full set of licenses and permits related to explosive products, and is the only enterprise in Guinea and even West Africa with a full set of legal licenses.


Emulsion explosive: 6,000 tons/year
ANFO explosive: 10,000 tons/year
Detonators: 10,000,000 /year
Storage capacity:
Ammonium nitrate: 2000 tons
Explosive:200 tons
Booster: 50 tons
Detonators: 500 pcs
*Storage capacity of satellite magazine 1:
Ammonium nitrate: 2000 tons
Explosive: 60  tons
Booster: 30 tons
Detonators: 20 pcs

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